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FSU is connected to the University, the students, and Alumni who are acheiving Masters, and PHD degrees. They are there to help engage your mind towards upgrading your career and lifestyle.Our programs will engage your minds and entertain your well being. We open our programs to alumni and businesses that are experts in their fields and want to present to our members.
Friends of SU
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Friends of SU

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Friends of SU
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 Our Mission: 

The Friends of SU (Syracuse  University) Alumni Group (FSU) is an  organization composed of Alumni of color who graduated or attended  Syracuse University. In addition, FSU helps to  bridge the gap between alumni and students  with annual events that help to establish a  strong rapport. We have accomplished plenty  since our inception and the new millennium  only promises a world of exciting events with  your help.


The Friends of SU Alumni Group
FSU!Welcome Home

FSU has built a strong relationship with other Alumni Clubs, fellow Alums, and external community groups and businesses. During March, April and May we venture out to watch the Mighty Orange play during March Madness, enjoy some readings of plays, and watch an Off-Broadway play based on a true story.

Friends of SU
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Wherever you call home, we want to know. If you are in need of resources or if you are an expert in a certain career, skill, or life experience, share your talents with your family.


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